From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director…(Archive)

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12/11/2022 Seasons of gratitude and service

9/30/2022 Hold on, pain ends; we can prevent suicides in Licking County

5/8/2022 Practical mental health information

2/13/2022 Navigating the unexpected challenges during COVID-19

12/26/2021 Issuing a winter blues, advisory, and what to do about it

10/10/2021 Be Kind and Practice Self-Care

8/8/2021 We’re a resilient bunch at the YES Club

5/24/2021 May is Mental Health Month

4/25/2021 It’s OK to seek help with mental health issues

2/28/2021 Hitting a pandemic wall a year into COVID-19

1/10/2021 Take time to rest post-holiday

10/11/2020 Above all else, be kind

09/20/2020 Mental Health America Offering Help for Parents

08/02/2020 Having Respect for Others to Improve Mental Health

04/05/2020 Staying Connected While Physically Distancing During Coronavirus

03/21/2020 Managing Stress Under the Coronavirus Quarantines

03/01/2020 Managing Depression and Anxiety in Children

11/17/2019 Mental Health for All

09/29/2019 Take responsibility for your actions

08/11/2019 Back to School and Anxiety

05/26/2019 Mental health deserves as much attention as physical

05/19/2019 Every Month Should be Mental Health Month

04/07/2019 Manage the stress levels in life

03/02/2019 Coping With Loss

12/23/2018 Try a Little Kindness

06/06/2018 What is Stigma Anyway?

8/12/2018 Start a Mental Health Talk with Your Kid

7/8/2018 Some Positive Takeaways in the Wake of Tragedy

5/06/2018 Don’t Ignore Mental Health Symptoms

4/02/2018 Thanks, Kevin Love for speaking on anxiety

03/02/2018 Despite suicides, there is hope

01/29/2018 Facts About Alcohol

01/16/2018  A winter mental health advisory

11/26/2017 Protective Factors Will Help Navigate the Holidays

11/03/2017 Rebounding From Trauma

8/21/2017 Addiction and substance abuse

7/25/2017 Family Matters

6/30/2017 Connecting With Others

5/26/2017 Licking County needs to take care in wake of Kirkersville shooting

5/16/2017 Continuing The Conversation

5/08/2017 Would You Know When You’ve Gone Too Far?

03/27/2017 Always Offer Your Help

03/06/2017 What’s Up With You? I See Signs of Trouble

01/23/2017 Bouncing Back From Difficulty

12/27/2016 Tips For Relieving Holiday Stress

11/28/2016 So Much To Be Thankful For

9/26/2016 September Touts Suicide, Mental Health Awareness

9/6/2016 Start of School Year Can Lead to Dread and Anxiety

7/18/2016 Healing from Trauma After National Tragedies

6/24/2016 Coping with Disaster in Wake of Orlando Shooting

6/6/2016 Be Alert for Signs Someone Is Struggling

5/7/2015 Do You Know What Mental Illness Feels Like?

4/18/2016 Don’t Let Stress Get You Down

2/6/2016 How To Beat The Winter Blues

12-12-2015 How To Be Stress Free During The Holidays


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