Coping With Loss

Divorce is a stressful, major life event that can flip your life upside down.

Not only do you have to contend with the legal and financial aspects of the divorce process itself, but you also have to come to grips with the reality that your marriage is ending and “life as you know it” is changing in every possible way. Get the best assessor from these dallas divorce lawyers.

It’s normal to feel out of control while going through a divorce or separation. But there are some things you can do when dealing with divorce and self-care is critical.

This post is all about how to cope with divorce.

Bad things happen to good people every day.

The death of a loved one. A divorce (the divorce rate is high). Or the significant loss of personal property.

At one time or another, we will all be faced with a tragedy.

So given tragedy is inevitable, do you think it’s possible to suffer a shattering loss or struggle with a major life crisis and bounce back with resilience? Learn how Yaffa Family Law Group describes divorce cases and know how to cope.

Or do you think once a major tragedy befalls you, you’re doomed to live a life of sadness and despair?

Before I answer that question, let me share with you the stories of Ellen and Cathy…

One Way of How to Handle a Divorce: Ellen’s Story

Ellen and Cathy both went through difficult divorces. The kind of loss that most people would qualify as major life trauma.

After she divorced, Ellen fell into a deep depression. She barely left the house, had no friends and never dated again.

Ellen refused to acknowledge the pain she was in and was always quick to blame someone else for her troubles.

She also refused to seek help.

At first, Ellen got a lot of attention. “Poor Ellen,” people would say. “She and Dan seemed like such a happy couple!”

But after a while, the sympathy stopped. And people started to avoid her.

After 20 years of listening to the same story, they were tired of hearing about her divorce. So they moved on.

But Ellen didn’t. She never recovered from her divorce and is stuck in her same depressed state to this day.

An Entirely Different Way of Coping with a Divorce: Cathy’s Story

Like Ellen, Cathy was also devastated by her divorce.

In the months following it, she spent most of her time in bed, curled up under the blankets reading self-help books on how to get over a divorce.

And in those books Cathy found support and encouragement. She learned she wasn’t alone. And that it was possible to recover from such a devastating tragedy.

With the support of family and friends, Cathy sought the help of a therapist. And she worked hard to eliminate negative self-talk, gave herself time to heal and focused on her own personal development and refused to let her divorce define her.

A few years later, Cathy got remarried to Jason. She is now happily remarried, has great relationships with her friends, children and extended family and enjoys what she does for a living.


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