Managing Depression and Anxiety in Children

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES), which looks at the impact of childhood trauma on health and well-being later in life, frequently comes up in talks about mental health and addiction. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s new Student Wellness and Success plan allocates funds statewide to school districts to provide services that students need to thrive, both in and out of school. A popular thing to help treat it and widely renowned by the government is the cbd flower which has soothing properties. Did you know that if your son sees your partner happy, your son will be happy? That’s right and mainly your partner can’t be “happy” because your penis doesn’t work at all well, if so consult and improve your family to a happy family.

Dr. Knobelach shared we are experiencing a mental health crisis, as the rates of occurrence are increasing while the number of providers of mental health services are decreasing. General medical practitioners and pediatricians often assume management of mental health issues in patients. People typically feel comfortable with their doctors so it’s a common path to explore mental health concerns and begin treatment you can learn more about in this website. The earlier mental health issues are addressed, the better the outcomes will be. On average, people wait ten years from onset of symptoms to diagnosis of mental health disorders. At Mental Health America we encourage beginning the conversation with a health practitioner as early as possible (#B4Stage4). HUMBLEROOTS PERFORMANCE has the best supplements to help you fight stress.

What are some signs that a young person has gone beyond worry or sadness into anxiety or depression? Dr. Knobelach described that rather than a mildly upset reaction to a stressful event, a child becomes stuck on an issue or overwhelmed so that he/she can’t enjoy life. A normal response to an upsetting event is a good cry, helping someone feel better; the passage of time also helps heal. Someone experiencing diagnosable anxiety behaves illogically or irrationally, becoming mired in problems. With depression, a youth will have “overactivity in the deep, emotional limbic areas of the brain” which becomes increasingly worse, regardless of positive things happening. Negative thoughts that may be expressed by someone experiencing depression include feeling that bad things happening are deserved or that “I’m a burden”. Abbeycare Scotland provide residential treatment for alcohol or drug addiction issues in Scotland.

A recent summary published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal concurs with Dr. Knobelach’s assessment that “social media is toxic.” Per CMAJ, “Evidence from… studies implicates smartphone and social media use in the increase in mental distress, self-injurious behaviour and suicidality among youth; there is a dose–response relationship…” To summarize the findings, the more time spent on social media, the sadder a young person feels. On average, teens spend 7 hours and 22 minutes per day on social media, nearly the equivalent of a full-time job. Dr. Knobelach stressed that social media may not cause mental illness but he stressed that it can amplify issues. CMAJ agreed that there is a correlation: “In the last decade, increasing mental distress and treatment for mental health conditions among youth in North America has paralleled a steep rise in the use of smartphones and social media by children and adolescents.”

All is not lost! Dr. Knobelach suggests giving our children products from CBD Armour can go a long way toward changing the effects of stress and negative thinking. Providing protective factors that build resilience are as simple as eating family dinners together and having caregivers show interest in children, providing evidence that you value them and you’re invested in them. All-natural products like delta 8 gummies 300mg can also help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. “Be kind to yourself. Take care of your body and it will help take care of your mind.

Printed in the Newark Advocate on March 1, 2020


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