Our Vision, Mission and Goals

The Vision of MHA is to live in a culture which continually:

  1. Enables awareness, understanding, respect and empathy in regards to mental health.
  2. Empowers people to live healthy lives and achieve their full potential.
  3. Is free of mental health stigma, prejudice and discrimination.

The Mission of Mental Health America of Licking County is to promote and continually reinforce mental health and wellness through education, prevention and advocacy, and to eliminate the stigma of mental health issues in our community.

The Goals of MHA are:

  • To educate the community on all aspects of mental health through prevention, recognition and early intervention programs, including building protective factors and reducing risk factors.
  • To advocate on behalf of persons with mental illnesses and addiction issues.
  • To improve and provide consumer and family support services
  • To work on integrating physical health with mental health using the following statement, “There is no health without mental health.”
  • To eradicate stigma!


For more than two generations, Mental Health America of Licking County has been dedicated to responding to the community and its mental health and wellness needs.

Established in 1953, Mental Health America of Licking County is a valuable education, prevention, support and advocacy resource to all men, women and children living in Licking County. We promote good mental health and victory over mental illness through a variety of programs and services that provide consumer and family support and referral services, build developmental assets in youth, educate the community on mental health issues and reduce stigma.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimated that one in four Americans, young and old, suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder every year.

Mental Health America of Licking County offers a helping hand of hope and support to those facing mental health issues. Every day, our programs and services make a difference in the lives of Licking County residents. In our most recent fiscal year, MHA served more than 13,000 people throughout Licking County with programming designed to help them live their lives well.

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