Parent Support

Parent Support

The Parent Support program serves parents, grandparents and caregivers of children ages birth through 18 offering classes using evidence-based programs. Individuals are able to gain confidence through the parenting skills and ideas they learn in classes. Relationship building, communication skills, emotional and physical self-control are addressed as well as face-to-face crisis intervention and phone support tools which help to deescalate negative parental actions, keeping children safe. Families are referred to the program with a wide range of needs and concerns including possible out of home placement of children, often leaving grandparents as caregivers.

Our Parent Support program works to educate and empower parents and the in home caregiver to develop positive relationships within their home and family.

Triple P

Triple P is the Positive Parenting Program. The main goals of Triple P are increasing the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents. It’s backed by decades of research.

Triple P can help you as a parent encourage the behavior that you like from your child, take care of yourself and reduce conflict in your household. These results will lead to a happy, positive and healthy home for you and your children. Triple P can be taught in an individual or a group setting.

Free Parenting Classes

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