Girls In Progress Testimonials

Shari Johnston facilitates three Girls In Progress groups weekly at Licking Valley Middle School (LVMS).

Approximately 25 girls total participate.  More have asked to join, but we do not want to lose the small group approach that gives everyone a voice.

Shari shares her gift of art with the girls while developing a relationship with each girl.  The girls know that confidentiality and holding one another’s dignity in tact are priorities.

Each week, Shari introduces a technique while discussion current issues the girls are experiencing.  Shari also integrates self-esteem topics.

In the Middle School, social and emotional issues are prevalent daily.  As the school counselor, I am so thankful for this program.  The support MHA provides our students is invaluable.  And in providing support to students, parents and staff reap the benefits as well.

Becky Lawrence, Licking Valley Middle School Counselor

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