Getting Ahead Testimonials

Bridges Out of Poverty’s Getting Ahead classes impact so many lives right here in Licking County.  Here are a few testimonials from past participant:

“Getting Ahead was the very first class I attended as part of the Spencer House Recovery program(s).  I went into the class feeling angry, depressed and anxious.  Donna immediately helped me overcome my negative emotions just by talking to me and making me feel welcome and supported.

I left class that day feeling a surge of hope and optimism and for the first time in a long time I though to myself ‘I can do this’.  Getting Ahead helped and is still helping to restore a confidence in myself I thought was lost forever.

As I continue to focus everyday on various classes required for completing treatment, I genuinely look forward to Friday afternoons because of Getting Ahead with Donna.  It’s an awesome feeling to know that there is someone who genuinely cares about helping me realize my full potential in life.

I thank God everyday for my time maintaining sobriety and for people like Donna Gibson in our community.

My only wish would be that more people can have access to the amazing resources and encouragement that Getting Ahead has provided me.”  Matthew Schmitt

“I think the class as a whole is extremely educational and helpful.  You are an inspiration to people inside and outside of jail and the community.  You help people immensely with their recovery and life in general.  Helping people get out of poverty is the biggest step in recovery and community action.  Thank you so much for everything you do.”  Samantha Hamilton

“I have learned a lot from this program, useful and helpful tips and tools I can use when I get out of the Courage House.  It has taught me a lot of stuff about me and my past and how to move forward and ways to succeed.  I really like the project about past, present and future.  It shows me what I’ve been through, where I’m at now and what to look forward to.  Thank you!!” Tiffany Taylor

” I think this program should be in every jail and prison everywhere.  Since coming I have seen my mind changing for the better.  Now, I know that people care what happens to me while I am in jail and after I get out.  A lot of the discussions and information that I have obtained in the last weeks has made me think that I am worth something and at the end of the day I still could be a decent individual in my community.  After somebody succeeds this program they might be able to spread the things they have learned and save some lives.”



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