Editorial: Pluses and minuses

Minus: We join the Denison community in its mourning of the loss of Wendell Jackson, 21, a promising and well-liked student who died of suicide Monday. We also take this opportunity to remind all who are suffering from depression or thoughts of hurting themselves to seek counsel immediately. A valuable local resource for such assistance is always available by dialing 211.

Plus: We are encouraged city officials have wisely decided to allow a full city council vote on a strongly-debated proposal to move police dispatching from Newark’s police station to the county’s new dispatching facility. This issue deserves consideration by a full council and residents equally deserve to know where each of their elected officials stand on this important topic.

Plus: We welcome Bethanne Leffel-Ployhar as new YES Club director. A resident of Granville with three children in school, Leffel-Ployhar succeeds longtime director Vee Hottle in shaping and continuing to make the YES Club prosper and improve young lives. Her local roots — she graduated from Licking Valley High School in 1988 — also are a tremendous boon.

Plus: After a successful launch last year, Bluegrass on Main Street returned to downtown Newark streets last weekend for a second successful installment. Bluegrass music remains a popular genre here in Licking County, with many local artists gracing the area, along with Denison University’s ongoing efforts to celebrate and perpetuate the art form. The strong support for the second Main Street event bodes well for a 2016 edition.

Plus: Some smoother crossings should be coming for motorists with the repair of some very badly deteriorated railroad crossings around Newark. Ohio Central Railroad crossings in the city’s East End are scheduled to be replaced this year, including those at East Main Street, just west of South Morris Street, and at Oakwood and O’Bannon avenues, just north of Ohio 16.

Found in The Newark Advocate September 4, 2015


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