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The word ” concentration” has many meanings. This article is about its psychological meaning: it expresses the human ability to focus on one thing and devote one’s entire attention to it. In the ideal case, one “forgets” everything else – they can’t visualize anything else and focus solely on the object at hand.-

A decision is such a thing. The closer you come to the ideal case, the more quickly you can make a decision. This time advantage becomes clearer the more aspects are incorporated into the decision. Furthermore, you decrease the danger of including aspects that belong to another similar decision or of forgetting an aspect of the decision entirely.

1. Concentration in Poker
The Decision

Every time it’s your turn, you must make a decision depending on the situation. Fold? Check? Bet/Raise? The aspects that must be considered are manifold. Information like, „What were the previous betting sequences?”, „What kind of player is my opponent?” and „How strong are my cards?” are just a few. After gathering information it must be evaluated to make a mathematically perfect decision.

But what if some information is counterfeit or missing entirely? In Texas Hold’em, this can have a great effect on the decision! This shows more than anything that each piece of information can be more or less important depending on the decision to be made. In the worst case, a single missing piece of information can change our decision entirely and make our action unprofitable.

The mistakes made because of a lack of concentration can be of all different kinds.

As a beginner, banal things like 3-betting pre-flop instead of calling or folding can still happen. Was it just a missed click or a matter of lacking concentration? A4o was surely not AA! Or you play your good hand too passively because you just got slowplayed, which doesn’t play any role at all against another opponent in the next hand. Try these tips at Jasabola tables.

As an advanced player you busy yourself more and more with your own game and say to yourself that you must make more value bets. Unfortunately, when you get to the river you no longer think about how the opponent played his hand and bet with a top pair on a 3-suited board, even though the opponent played a passive check/call– that is he probably had a draw. Against a LAG or tricky player we would have to call again here– how unnecessary.

These things happen to pros, too. Just watch Stoxtrader’s videos. Stoxtrader makes a “continuation bet” after a missed flop in an unraised pot with two limpers after checking himself. Afterward he’s left to ask himself how it even happened that he bet in this case. To test your own poker skills, try playing on https://www.sbobet-thai.com/.

Protection from Automation

Automating moves in certain situations saves us a lot of work. It enables us to keep playing even when we aren’t really thinking about the situation properly because we’re too tired from the day. In most situations we probably make the right decision, insofar as our automation is on a good level. In some individual situations, however, it is not profitable.

In poker, you almost never have the exact same case as before. Having the exact same betting sequences from the same opponents on the same board with the same cards is very improbable. Besides this, our opponents must not have learned from the last time. It won’t happen and automation only helps our poker game conditionally. If we are tired or playing 4 tables at once, then automation can help us. If we are in a good state, however, and not working on extreme multitabling, then it causes our winrate to sink. Every situation in poker is different and must always be thought through again!


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