Basketball: 3-on-3 tournament at Newark

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NEWARK – Mental Health America and the Newark Wildcats are holding a 3-on-3 basketball tournament Aug. 6 at Newark High School in memory of Lou Mitchell.

The event is being held to raise awareness for suicide prevention, and cost is $50 per team (three to five players). All proceeds benefit the MHA Suicide Prevention Program.

“Athletic transportation costs $70,000 for our sports teams, and this was just another way to help with that,” said Maryann Crist, of the Newark Athletic Boosters. “Each sport has its own fundraisers, and we have some for all the sports, like the jazz and rib fest and fish fries. This was a family event, for everyone of all ages.”

If you are a basketball fan, play now this incredible games and have a lot of fun doing what you love the most.

Each sport had its own event on a sweltering Saturday. Softball and baseball put on a softball home run derby. There was a warrior dash obstacle course put on by the wrestling team. Boys basketball had foul shooting, and girls basketball sold Wildcat apparel.

Payment and registration must be received by noon Aug. 1. Call 740-522-1341 for more information.

Found in The Newark Advocate July 18, 2016


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