The mission of Compeer is to reduce the isolation and stigma for individuals who experience mental illness, with a commitment to enhance mental health recovery and holistic wellness and increase their community reintegration and inclusion through friendship, meaningful involvement and service. 

Community Inclusion is Fundamental to Reducing Health Disparities.

Compeer Licking CountyCommunity inclusion is the right of all people, and encompasses housing; employment; education; leisure and recreation; social roles; peer support; health status, citizenship; self-determination and spirituality.

To achieve this, the individuals served by our program work to develop supportive relationships within the community to directly address isolation and self-esteem. Individuals who experience severe and persistent mental illness are at-risk, experience significant health disparities, and in some cases, seek assistance in skill development and accessing community resources.

The MHALC Compeer program is a peer-centered, recovery program which utilizes evidence-based, social integration and wellness programs serving all of Licking County. The MHALC program utilizes evidence-based nutrition, diabetes self-management and tobacco education programs, as well as collaborating with dozens of healthcare professionals and outside agencies for programming assistance.

The objectives of the MHALC Compeer program are:

  • to decrease the isolation of individuals in the community who experience severe and persistent mental illness;
  • to support and educate program participants about available community resources and to assist them in achieving their personal goals;
  • to provide community education about mental health;
  • to provide nutritional and wellness education specific to individuals who experience mental illness and
  • to reduce stigmatizing attitudes in the community.

Our program is informed by the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, of the Copeland Center. We believe that hope, support, the development of self-advocacy skills, taking personal responsibility for one’s health, and education about recovery options, are necessary to achieve personal wellness.

What we offer

Here is a list of some of the services offered right here in Licking County:

  • Adult 1:1
  • Lunch & Linger
  • Compeer Calling
  • Wellness and Recovery Education
  • Creative Expression Classes
  • Walk Newark
  • Wait List Services
  • Group Services
  • Seniors

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