Compeer Friendship Stories

“It’s as simple as being a friend.”

Compeer Friendship Stories

Friendship can change a person’s life. Good things happen when you have a friend. Friends listen. They share. Friends are the best kind of medicine for someone who’s striving for good mental health. Through Compeer you can be a caring friend to someone. It can be as simple as going for a walk, seeing a movie together or just picking up the phone. It can take a commitment of as little as an hour a week.

Compeer matches volunteers with adults above the age of 18 in the Compeer program. Currently, we have people matched with Compeer volunteers, but there are still many more waiting for a friend in Licking County. They might even live in your neighborhood.

Sam and Robert

Sam works at a college campus. Sam has been recognized by Mental Health America for his success and is a long-time volunteer and supporter. After years of experience as a Compeer member, Sam now serves as a volunteer friend. He has been trained to work in a one-to-one supportive match with Robert.

Robert is a very busy man, yet still finds time for his Compeer friend. He holds three jobs, including working for the Denison University grounds crew, takes occasional classes, and volunteers with organizations in the community. In his free time, Robert studies the piano. But Compeer is special to Robert for the opportunity it provides for social contact. It provides an opportunity for him to meet new friends and perform community service.

“We’ll work together on that,” is phase that Robert often uses. He values teamwork and respects the unique skills that each person brings to a project. The Compeer members respect him for his honesty and sincere desire to help others.

Robert and Sam frequently go for ice cream with other Compeer members, or get together on the weekends. Sam does not attend many Compeer events due to his work schedule, but Robert always comes to Compeer group activities, which range from bowling and picnics, to wellness activities and programs on community health resources.

Jan, Becky and Henry

Jan and Henry Mardis were matched as a couple with Becky. Becky was once shy, but with the help of her Compeer friends, she has become very outgoing. Becky volunteers with Compeer each month to contact members and remind them of upcoming events. She calls Compeer club members regularly with a kind word to brighten their day. Becky remembers member’s birthdays and sends get-well notes. Becky has been matched with others, but felt a deep connection to Jan and Henry. Becky says she feels like a part of the Mardis family and they enjoy the time that they continue to spend together. Becky loved to bake special treats for Henry who liked desserts, and often socializes with Jan.

In fact, Jan and Henry were favorites of all of the Compeer members. The Mardis would light up a room when they came to Compeer events. Jan, bubbly and outgoing, and Henry, more quiet, became very supportive of Compeer members. They became known for their imaginative costumes at the annual Compeer Halloween Party and wicked sense of humor.

Henry recently passed away after a battle with lung cancer. He is remembered fondly and has been honored with an annual volunteer recognition award in his name.

Both Jan and Becky have stayed in close contact.

There are several Compeer members who are waiting for a one-to-one match. A 1-hour volunteer training is held for individuals who are interested in becoming a Compeer friend.

For more information, Contact Our Compeer Coordinator.

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