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Getting Ahead (GA) is a program developed by Philip DeVol’s Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World: Building Your Resources for a Better Life.  The GA class consists of 18-2½ hour sessions which teaches participants financial literacy, budgeting, life skills, planning, goal setting, communication between socio-economic classes, creating resumes and interviewing skills needed for employment, managing change, managing stress and standing up for themselves. Each class participant will create a project designing a personally owned business to learn entrepreneurship. Research and engagement within the community is an important aspect of the GA class.  The goal of the program is for participants to become employed or return to school/job training and build permanent resources as well as strengthening their life skills by the time they graduate from GA.

Bridges Out of Poverty (BOP) works with participants and employers during and after graduation from GA to help sustain long term employment.  Participants have access to BOP program personnel, information and resources long after graduation from the class which helps individuals maintain their independence. Armed with financial planning tools, participants are able to construct and maintain their personal and family finances. The BOP program is being offered at the Licking County Justice Center with men and women who continue in the class once they are released.  This provides a safety net for this vulnerable population so they will have guidance and support from BOP staff as they reenter everyday life.  Classes are held at local treatment facilities, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and MHALC’s location.  BOP works with participants and employers during and after graduation to help sustain long term employment.